From the Editors
S. Kalani Brady MD, FACP and Michael J. Meagher MD, FACR

It is with pleasure that the Editorial Board and staff announce the melding of the Hawai‘i Medical Journal and the Hawai‘i Journal of Public Health to form the Hawai‘i Journal of Medicine & Public Health, effective 1 January, 2012

This new entity will improve communication among the medicine and public health communities, increase readership, and advance our expertise in areas of significant community interest.


Current Issue...

[Download HMJ_Nov11.Suppl2.pdf here]

Health Care for Micronesians and Constitutional Rights
Dina Shek JD, MA and Seiji Yamada MD, MPH

Social Determinants of Health for Native Hawaiian Children and Adolescents
David M.K.I. Liu MD, PhD, JD and Christian K. Alameda PhD

An Innovative Approach to Developing a Cultural Competency Curriculum: Efforts at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, Department of Native Hawaiian Health
Dee-Ann L. Carpenter MD; Martina L. Kamaka MD; and C. Malina Kaulukukui MSW

Recommendations for Medical Training: A Native Hawaiian Patient Perspective
Martina L. Kamaka MD; Diane S.L. Paloma MBA; and Gregory G. Maskarinec PhD

Imi Ho‘ola Program: Producing Primary Care Physicians for Hawai‘i and the Pacific
Chessa C. DeCambra MBA and Winona K. Lee MD

Palliative Care and Traditional Practices of Death and Dying in Wa’ab (Yap Proper) and in the Outer Islands of Yap
Gregory G. Maskarinec PhD; Fr Kelly Yalmadau; Maryann R. Maluchmai; Petra Tun MO; Cyril Yinnifel; and W. Thane Hancock MD, MPH

Local Food Policies Can Help Promote Local Foods and Improve Health: A Case Study from the Federated States of Micronesia
Lois Englberger PhD; Adelino Lorens; Moses Pretrick; Mona J. Tara; and Emihner Johnson

Needs and Experiences of Samoan Breast Cancer Survivors in Southern California
Sora Park Tanjasiri DrPH, MPH; Sala Mata’alii, RN, MSN, MBA/HCM; Marion Hanneman; and Melanie D. Sabado MPH, BA, BS

Cancer Mortality Following Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) Contamination of a Guam Village
Robert L. Haddock DVM MPH; Grazyna Badowski PhD; and Renata Bordallo MSW

Higher Percent Body Fat in Young Women with Lower Physical Activity Level and Greater Proportion Pacific Islander An cestry
Nate Black MS; Vanessa Nabokov MS; Vinutha Vijayadeva PhD, MPH; and Rachel Novotny PhD, RD

An Assessment of the Pacific Regional Cancer Coalition: Outcomes and Implications of a Regional Coalition Internal and External Assessment
Angela U. Sy DrPH; Karen A. Heckert PhD, MPH, MSW; Lee Buenconsejo-Lum MD; Johnny Hedson MBBS, MMed(Surg); Suresh Tamang MBA; and Neal Palafox MD, MPH

UH Cancer Center HOTLINE
The Training and Education Program of the University of Guam/University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center Partnership

Hali R. Robinett MPH; Todd Ames PhD; John A. Peterson PhD; Helen J.D. Whippy PhD; and Carl-Wilhelm Vogel PhD, MD


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