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The Hawai‘i Medical Journal is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal published by University Clinical, Education & Research Associates UCERA.

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Editor, Hawai‘i Medical Journal
677 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 1016B
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813
Phone: (808) 383-6627; Fax: (808) 587-8565


The Journal’s aim is to provide new, scientific information in a scholarly manner, with a focus on the unique, multicultural and environmental aspects of the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Rim region.

The Hawai‘i Medical Journal was founded in 1941 by the Hawai‘i Medical Association (HMA), incorporated in 1856 under the Hawaiian monarchy. In 2009 the journal was transferred by HMA to UCERA.

Full text articles available on PubMed Central and

The Journal cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed in papers, discussion, communications or advertisements. The right is reserved to reject material submitted for editorial or advertising columns. The Hawai‘i Medical Journal (ISSN 0017-8594) is published monthly by University Clinical, Education & Research Associates (UCERA). Print subscriptions are $100. ©Copyright 2009 by UCERA. Printed in the United States.

Editor: S. Kalani Brady MD
Editor Emeritus: Norman Goldstein MD
Associate Editor: Alan D. Tice MD
Contributing Editor: James Ireland MD
Contributing Editor: Satoru Izutsu PhD
Contributing Editor: Russell T. Stodd MD
Contributing Editor: S.Y. Tan MD, JD
Contributing Editor: Carl-Wilhelm Vogel MD, PhD

Editorial Board
Benjamin W. Berg MD, Patricia Lanoie Blanchette MD, John Breinich MLS, April Donahue, Satoru Izutsu PhD, Douglas Massey MD, Alfred D. Morris MD, Gary Okamoto MD, Myron E. Shirasu MD, Russell T. Stodd MD, Frank L. Tabrah MD, S.Y. Tan MD, JD, Carl-Wilhelm Vogel MD, PhD

Journal Staff
Production Manager: Drake Chinen
Editorial Assistant: Janessa Ruckle
Copy Editor/Editorial Assistant: Niranda Chantavy

Advertising Representative
Roth Communications
2040 Alewa Drive
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96817
Phone (808) 595-4124
Fax (808) 595-5087


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